Should Electric Cars be Banned or Not? [9 Question Answered]

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If you are searching about should electric cars be banned or not on internet?

If yes, then you are at right place.

In this article I will tell you about should electric cars be banned or not, why are electric vehicles necessary for India, should electric cars pay road tax in India, risks of electric vehicles, etc. If you really want to know about these things then read this article carefully.

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Should Electric Cars be Banned or Not?

There is to much chance that electric cars will be banned in future because of the electricity uses. After the launching of electric cars, the uses of electricity increases too much because electric cars need to much electricity for their charging and in some countries, so there is shortage of electricity. So, this it will be happened in whole world. Also, in some countries the electric cars are already banned. Due to the electricity shortage.

Switzerland already banned electric cars because of the shortage of electricity. Switzerland is depended on hydropower. In winter months the production of electricity by hydropower become slow so that the country import electricity from other countries and the neighboring countries of Switzerland is also not able to export their electricity to Switzerland because they used their energy in Ukraine war.

Should Electric Cars be Banned or Not?
Should Electric Cars be Banned or Not?

Why are Electric Vehicles Necessary for India?

Electric Vehicles are necessary for India because in this highly populated country the pollution level is too much high. One of the main reasons behind the increased level of pollution is the uses of petrol or diesel vehicles because these vehicles give out the harmful gases when they burn and then the pollution increased. So, it is very necessary to change the petrol or diesel vehicles with electric vehicles

We also conserve the exhaustible resources for the future generation.

Should Electric Cars Pay Road Tax in India?

Yes, Electric Cars have to pay road tax in India but they the tax is comparatively low then petrol or diesel cars.

In 14 October 2022, Government said that they will give discount for the electric car’s buyers. They give discount on the purchase of electric cars and also give discount on the road taxes for 3 years. Government gives these discounts on the purchase of electric cars because they want to promote electric cars in India.

Should Electric Cars be required by 2035 in India?

Yes, we electric cars are required by 2035 in India Because in this time of technology, many countries are adopting electric cars, so we also have to adopt electric cars. In today’s time, there is a lot of uses of petrol and diesel, due to that petrol and diesel will be extinct from the whole world very soon.

If we want to save petrol and diesel, the we have to stop using petrol and diesel vehicles. Instead of that we have to start using electric vehicles because electricity is renewable resource. We can renew electricity again and again. By using electric vehicles, our future generation be able to use petrol and diesel.

Will EV last 20 years?

Yes, Electric vehicles can last for 20 years. The batteries of electric vehicles are last up to 100000 to 200000 Km or about 17 to 20 years. If you face any problem in the battery or in cars then you can contact to the customer care support, they will help you to solve your problem. If you want to run your car for a long, then you will have to maintain your car properly service your car every month, wash your car in a week, etc.

What are Risks of the Electric Car industry?

The risks of electric car industry are given below:

  1. The uses of AI in making of electric vehicle is too much. So, we need to focus on the cyber security of the cars.
  2. In the making of electric cars the uses of electricity are to much. We should also think about the workers because the current which is flowing in the cable are very high voltage, due to that the workers are in danger. There is to much chance that they will die dur to electric shock.
  3. One of the main risks in electric car industry is fire. Sometimes, some wires become short they do short circuit and then it will become a big fire. It is very dangerous for workers life.

Why India is not ready for Electric Vehicles?

India is not ready for electric vehicles because petrol and diesel cars have been running inside India for a long time, so suddenly using an electric car is a bit strange. but it will take a little time for Indians to accept electric cars. Indians will understand the importance of electric cars according to the time. After sometime they also understand that how electric cars help to reduce pollution, help to improve environmental conditions.

Why EV is not successful in India?

 Electric Vehicles is not successful in India because in India the supply of electricity is not consistent. But the electric vehicles required a consistent flow of electricity for their charging. If you supply inconsistent electricity to the electric cars during charging, then their will be to much chance of short circuit in the car which become into fire soon.

Are Electric Cars good for India?

Yes, electric cars are good for India because many families in India belong to middle class families and their biggest issue with petrol or diesel vehicle are their running cost. The approx. 1 litre price of petrol is around 90 to 100 Rs. And the diesel price is 80 to 95rs. Around which is very high for the middle-class families. At this situation the Electric vehicles are best because their running cost is very low (ex- the running cost of Tata Nexon EV is Rs. 0.92 per Km). which is very low comparatively to the petrol and diesel vehicle.

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Also, to decrease the level of pollution and to improve the environmental condition because in India the pollution level is very high. One of the main reasons behind the increasing pollution of India is uses of petrol and diesel vehicle. So, if we use electric cars then it will help to decrease the pollution level and also improve the environmental condition.


In this article I have told you about should electric cars be banned or not, why are electric vehicles necessary for India, should electric cars pay road tax in India, risks of electric vehicles, etc. If you are reading this article till now, then thank you so much for giving you precious time to this article. If this article really helps you to solve your query related electric vehicles future, their risks, etc then comment below and share your opinion.

Frequently Asked Question

1.       What is road tax for EV in Kerala?

Ans.  Kerala government charge only one time tax between 5 to 20 %.

2.       What is the subsidy on electric cars by government of India?

Ans.  Indian government give 10% subsidy on the factory cost.

3.       Is Fastag is required for Electric Cars?

Ans. Yes, as per government law all the vehicles including electric vehicle have to pay road tax and also have a fastag sticker on their vehicle.

4.       What is the Indian government policy for EV?

Ans. Indian government gave relaxation on the road tax on EV.

5.       Does Electric Vehicles need insurance in India?

Ans. Yes, you need a insurance for your electric vehicle in India.

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