Renault and Nissan SUV Set to Shake Up Scorpio & Innova Grand Vitara Market with Affordable 7-Seater Models!

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Renault and Nissan are poised to revolutionize the SUV landscape with their upcoming midsize offerings, slated to debut in 2024 and 2026 respectively. The alliance is strategically targeting both five-seater and seven-seater variants, promising a diverse lineup to cater to varying customer needs. With a focus on modern design, versatile powertrains, and competitive pricing, these SUVs are poised to make a significant impact in the automotive market.

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Renault and Nissan SUV Price and Launch Date:

  • Renault and Nissan’s midsize SUVs are set to offer competitive pricing, providing excellent value for money.
  • The five-seater models are scheduled to launch next year, with seven-seater versions following suit in 2026.

Renault and Nissan SUV Engine and Mileage:

  • Engine options include a 1.0L Turbocharged Petrol Engine (HR10) and a 1.3L Turbocharged Petrol Engine (HR13), offering varying levels of performance and efficiency.
  • The 1.5L Naturally Aspirated Petrol Engine will be available for lower-spec versions, catering to a wider range of consumers.
  • While specific mileage figures are yet to be disclosed, these engines promise to deliver a balance of power and fuel efficiency.

Interior and Seating Capacity:

  • The interior design of the Renault and Nissan SUVs will adhere to global design philosophies, incorporating modern features and styling cues.
  • The CMF-B platform allows for flexible seating configurations, accommodating both five-seater and seven-seater layouts.
  • With a focus on comfort and versatility, these SUVs aim to provide ample space for passengers and cargo alike.

Range and Hybrid Powertrain:

  • While a hybrid powertrain option is not confirmed, Renault and Nissan are considering it, taking cues from competitors in the segment.
  • The utilization of the CMF-B platform ensures adaptability and scalability, potentially allowing for future hybrid variants.
  • The range of these SUVs is expected to meet the diverse needs of customers, offering a compelling blend of performance, efficiency, and affordability.


Renault and Nissan’s upcoming midsize SUVs represent a bold step forward in the automotive industry, promising to disrupt the market with their blend of modern design, versatile powertrains, and competitive pricing. With a focus on meeting customer demands for space, efficiency, and technology, these SUVs are poised to set new benchmarks in their segment. Keep an eye out for their arrival, as they aim to redefine the driving experience for consumers worldwide.

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