Vinfast Klara S Electric Scooter in Just Rs.65000

Vinfast is a electric scooter brand which sell their electric scooter all over the world. This is a vietnamese electric scooter manufacture.

They recently launched their new electric scooter Vinfast Klara S which cost Rs.65000 in India

This price of a electric scooter in India is very good because all the other electric scooters are cost very high and between this competition a Rs.65000 electric scooter is very good.

The Design of Vinfast Klara S electric scooter is very slim and very attention grabbing.

If you see this scooter then you will say that it is a petrol scooter because the design of this scooter is like a petrol scooter.

This scooter have so many features like LED light in rear and back of the scooter which make it different from all the other scooter in this price segment, LED display, Esim technology, GPS, etc.

The top speed of this scooter is 50Km/h. The range of this scooter is 150 Km in a single charge and the charging time is 5-6 hours which is good according to the price.

The Vinfast Klara S electric scooter costs Rs. 65000 in India and If you buy this in the festive season then you will also get some more discounts and their are might chances that you will get this scooter more cheaper then this price.