Triumph Special Edition Trident 660: A Tribute to Racing Heritage

Triumph Motorcycles just launched a special edition of their Trident 660. It’s like a tribute to a famous racing bike from the past called Slippery Sam.

The new Trident Triple Tribute edition looks a lot like the old Slippery Sam.

It has the same colors and even the number 67 on it, just like the old racing bike.

This makes it special because it reminds people of Triumph’s racing history.

Even though it looks retro, the new Trident 660 has a strong engine. It can go really fast with 81 horsepower and 64 Newton-meters of torque.

And now, it comes with a quick shifter, which makes changing gears super easy.

This bike is not just about speed. It’s also smart! It has different modes for riding, like one for regular roads and one for when it’s raining.

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