Toyota New Fortuner Leader Edition: 4X2 Luxury SUV!

Toyota has a big reason to celebrate! They’ve sold an impressive 2.5 lakh Fortuner SUVs in India.

To mark this achievement, Toyota has introduced the Fortuner Leader Edition.

This new version of the 4X2 Fortuner comes with some cool updates and extra features that make it even more special.

The Fortuner Leader Edition looks different from the regular Fortuner. It has stylish new bumper spoilers and sleek black alloy wheels.

These changes give the SUV a fresh and modern look. Plus, you can choose from three cool colors: Super white, Platinum Pearl white, and Silver Metallic.

Inside the Fortuner Leader Edition, you’ll find a mix of luxury and practicality. The seats have a dual-tone design that makes the interior look classy.

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