Royal Enfield Unveils Upgraded Classic Series Motorcycles: Classic 350 and Classic 650

Hey there! Big news in the motorcycle world! Royal Enfield is giving their Classic 350 a cool new look.

They’re using a new platform called ‘J’ to make it even better. So, what’s changing? Well, they’re adding fancy LED lights and new alloy wheels with special tires.

But that’s not all! Even though the outside is getting a makeover, the engine inside is staying the same.

It’s a 349cc engine that’s super powerful. It makes sure your ride is smooth and steady.

Plus, they’re adding some safety features like ABS brakes to keep you safe on the road.

Now, let’s talk about the Classic 650. It’s like the bigger brother of the Classic 350. It’s getting some changes too.

They’re making it look even cooler with shiny lights and stylish indicators. But the best part? They’re making it more comfortable to ride!

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