Nissan Motors invest Rs.7533 Crore to make two new electric car in US

Nissan is a Japanese Automobile manufacturer. It normally manufacturer gas engine vehicles but after seeing the revolution of electric vehicles,

Nissan is also planning to make two new electric car and for that they are investing money in US.

We all know that Nissan is one of the biggest automobile manufacturers of Japan

their vehicles are sell all over the world and now they are making two new electric-Qashqai and Juke.

These electric cars are the competitor of Hyundai Create and Kia Seltos.

For making these two new electric cars, Nissan Motors invest Rs.7533 Crore ($5 Billion) in US.

Their main purpose of investing in US for new electric car is because in US the electric vehicles technology is more advanced than any other country and mostly all vehicles in US are now become electric.

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