MG launches its first electric Sportscar

MG is one of the growing vehicle companies in world. They are constantly launching so many cars day by day and their car are making stir in the market.

But after seeing the revolution of electric vehicles, MG also start launching their electric cars in the market.

Sometime ago they launched their electric cars like MG ZS EV, MG Comet EV, etc. Now they are launching their first electric sports car.

MG are launching their first electric sportscar whose name is MG Cyberster. They knew that electric vehicles are replacing normal gas engine vehicles from the market.

So, they started making electric vehicles. They also made some electric cars but now they are making first electric sportscar “MG Cyberster”.

In market, there is no electric sportscar present but now MG are launching their first electric sportscar.

This electric sportscar is not launched yet in India but this car is currently launching in Chine and the ex-showroom price of MG CyberSter sportscar in China is 359,800 Chinese yuan which is around 4 Crore in India.

If you want more information about this electric sportscar then click on the below link.