Maruti New Electric Car with a range of 500Km

Maruti is one of the leading producers of car in India. it captures highest market share in India.

Their cars are majorly budget friendly cars everyone can easily buy their car.

Till now they are launching gas engine car but now they are entering in electric vehicles market

now they are launching their first electric SUV sVX.

Maruti eVX SUV is new electric car. This is electric SUV of Maruti company.

This electric car is not launched yet in India, at this time company is testing this car.

The main feature of this electric car is the range, it has 500km range in one single charge

this feature makes it different from another electric car.

As we all knew that Maruti is one of the best gas engine vehicles sellers in India.

if you want to know Maruti New Electric Car then click on the link.