Hyundai New Electric Car 260 Km/h Top Speed

Hyundai is one of the famous car brands in India. Their car is very famous in India, most of their cars are budget friendly.

They launch their electric car IONIQ sometime ago but in this car you don’t get top level of performance.

Now they are planning a new electric car which come with a top level of performance in it.

In Los Angeles, Hyundai showcase their new electric car IONIQ N which come with so many fantastic features, top level of performance, etc.

In IONIQ N electric car you will get a dual motor which produce 640 HP

and this make this car a very powerful electric car.

The main highlighting features of this electric car is the top speed, this is the first electric car whose top speed is 260 Km/h.

You must have seen so many other electric cars in the market with different-different features

but you can’t see an electric car with this type of top speed. This electric car has 260 Km/h top speed.

If you want more information about this scooter then click on the below link.