Get MG ZS EV Rs.85,000 Cheaper Than the Original Price, Special Discount

MG is one of the famous companies of automobile. They launch their electric car sometime ago whose name is MG ZS EV.

It is a very amazing car, it has so many features but the price of this car is very high that’s why so many potential buyers are not able to buy this car.

But in this festive season, company launches an offer in which you can get Rs.85,000 discount on MG ZS EV

MG ZS EV is an amazing car, it has so many features like 5-star NCAP rating, top speed of 140Km/h

the interior is feels like a luxury sedan, the range of this car is 460Km in single charge

it has a big boot space, it has fast charged also, big touch screen, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.

Generally, MG ZS EV is cost 24 to 27 Lakhs ex-showroom which is to expensive due to this company launch a new offer on MG ZS EV that if you exchange then you will get Rs.50,000 discount

you will also get Rs.20,000 loyalty discount, a corporate discount of Rs.15,000. The total discount on this electric car is Rs.85,000 which is so good.

If you want more information of this offer then click on the below link.