Everyone can buy electric vehicles easily, Nitin Gadkari big announcement

We all know that electric vehicles are changing the world, they are becoming the revolution in the world. All the companies are now making their electric vehicles and stopping the fuel engine vehicles.

But the electric vehicles are too expensive than normal fuel engine vehicles and in India most of the population is belong from middle class or poor family

so they can’t afford an expensive electric vehicle and their dream to buy a good electric vehicle will always be a dream.

And if someone think to buy an electric car on loan, then the interest rate is too high that the person’s entire life will be spent on returning loan.

Nitin Gadkari is union road transport and highway minister understand this problem and try to help all the poor people to buy their first electric vehicle in effective price. 

They made a big announcement in the recent event.

In this event, he requests to all the banks to decrease the interest rate on their electric vehicles loan so that everyone can easily buy electric vehicle on loan with low interest rate and this loan don’t became burden on them.

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