Enjoy a 160Km range in electric scooter in just Rs.64,000, Crayon Envy

There are so many new electric vehicles company are coming in market day by day and there are many companies among them whose electric vehicles like electric scooter, electric cars are very good.

many new companies in India have also started making their own electric vehicles.

Crayon is one of them, Crayon is an India electric scooter company. This company is established in Uttarakhand, India.

They recently launched their electric scooter whose name is Crayon Envy which cost only Rs.64,000 and give the range of 160km in one charge.

Crayon Motors is an Indian electric vehicles brand. Their main purpose is to provide a cheap and long-range electric scooter to everyone.

So that’s why they launched their electric scooter Crayon Envy which come with a 160 Km range in single charge and its cost is very low.

In this price, there is no one in the market who give such type of range. This is a low-speed electric scooter.

The ex-showroom price of Crayon Envy Electric scooter is Rs.64,000.

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