Electric Vehicles prices will drop by 50%, Big Announcement by Nitin Gadkari

Electric vehicles are becoming the revolution in the world.

From last some years the use of electric vehicles is increased so much and the buying and selling is also increased.

The use of normal gas engine vehicles is decreased. Now electric vehicles are taking the place of normal engine vehicles.

But the electric vehicles are so expensive because the battery of the electric vehicle is to much expensive and this make the electric vehicle expensive.

Due to the expensive price of electric vehicles, so many potential buyers mainly middle class or lower middle class are not able to buy an electric vehicle for themselves.

Due to this problem, Nitin Gadkari, the minister of road transport and highways of India announce that the electric vehicles prices will be dropped by 50% from 2024.

Nitin Gadkari discusses with other ministers and finally they announce that the prices of electric vehicles will be drop from 2024.

The main reason behind the expensive electric vehicles is the rare lithium metal.

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