Ducati DesertX Rally Unleashed in India,  at Price of Rs 24 Lakh!

Hey there, adventure seekers! Get ready to dive into the thrilling universe of off-road biking with the brand-new Ducati DesertX Rally.

Priced at Rs 24 lakh, this beastly bike is here to make your off-road dreams come true!

The DesertX Rally looks super cool with its heavy fairing, raised front fender, and machined gear pedals.

It’s built tough to handle rough terrains, standing tall on a big 21-inch front wheel and an 18-inch spoked rear wheel.

Thanks to its fancy suspension system with upside-down forks at the front and a special mono-shock at the back

the DesertX Rally gives you a smooth ride even when the road gets rocky.

Imagine having six different ways to ride your bike! That’s exactly what the DesertX Rally offers with its Sport, Urban, Wet, Touring, Rally, and Enduro modes.

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