Cheapest Electric Car in the World, Nano Electric of Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata is a very famous person. He is the owner of Tata Motors, Land Rover & Jaguar. He is a very kind hearted person, he always supports poor people with charity.

We all know that in India major population is poor or middle class so for those buying a car is like a dream so after seeing this Ratan Tata launch their first cheapest car – ‘Nano’.

He thought that this car will do a revolution in India but no one likes the car, its design, looks, etc because of this Nano will stop. 

Now, EVs are becoming revolution and Ratan Tata knew this thing and they are planning to comeback with their all new ‘Nano EV’. This car is successor of Old Nano. It has so many features.

They claim that this EV is the cheapest EV in the world.

Nano EV is an electric car which is currently not launched in India but in sometime it will launch.

This car is the successor of Old Nano. Ratan Tata wants to help the middle class and poor people of India with their Nano but the audience don’t like it and neglect it and

after this the production of Nano is stopped but now Ratan Tata come with an Electric Nano with a different design, unique look, features, etc

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