Charge for 30 minutes and get a range of 420 Km

There are so many electric cars present in the market but only few of them support fast charging because generally almost every electric car takes 5-6 hours to full charge but this electric car charging time is very short.

If you charge this car for only 30 minutes then it will give you 420Km range in single charge.

Cherry Little Ant is an electric car. This car is not launched in India till now but it is launched in China and everyone give so much love to this car because this is one of the best cars for those who want an electric car in low price.

The main highlight about this electric car is its range, it can go up to 400-410Km in one single charge

the charging time is not to long, it is short. The car will charge quickly.

Cherry Little Ant has so many features like panoramic sunroof, 360-degree camera, GPS, Bluetooth, LED, 10-inch display

it has 14-inch tyres, AC, start button, navigation, anti-theft alarm, reverse assist, Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging port

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