Charge for 20 minutes and use 600 Km range, Lotus Eletra

Lotus Eletra is an electric car. We all know, so many companies are launching their electric car day by day but only few cars are good and value for money

and out of them, only few supports fast charging and have a long range and Lotus Eletra is one of them.

Lotus Eletra is an amazing looking electric car. It has a very stylish design. It is look like a sports SUV car.

It has a 112Kwh big battery which gave this car a 600Km long range and this electric car support fast charge

it has a 22kwh fast adaptor which charge this car very rapidly.

It will take only 20 minutes to charge from 10-80%. The top speed of this car is 258 Km/h.

Lotus Eletra has so many features like start button, navigation, anti-theft alarm, reverse assist, Bluetooth connectivity

USB charging port, digital instrument console, digital speedometer, digital trip meter, digital odometer, all LED lights, low battery indicator, big boot space, 5G compatibility, sunroof, etc.

If you want more information about this electric car then click on the below link.