Buy Ola S1 X+ electric scooter on Rs.20,000 cheaper price

Ola S1 X+ is a very amazing scooter. But the pricing of this scooter is very high

due to high pricing, potential buyers like middle class or lower middle class are not able to buy this amazing electric scooter but now company launch a new offer.

Ola S1 X+ is a very amazing scooter. It has a very unique and eye-catching design which makes it more attractive.

It can achieve 0-40 Km/h in just 2.9 sec which is very good in electric scooter. The top speed of this electric scooter is 116Km/h.

In this price segment this speed is very fantastic. We don’t get this much speed in petrol scooter and on the other hand it is an electric scooter.

Ola S1 X+ has so many features like 36L boot space, 12 colours variants, fast charging, charge 0-100% in just 5 hours, 4 modes Eco, Normal, Sports

you can lock & unlock the scooter with your phone, you can fully control your scooter with your phone, this scooter is waterproof, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.

The regular price Ola S1 X+ is Rs.99,999 but company launch an offer, during this offer you will get Ola S1 X+ for Rs.20,000 cheaper.

If you want more information about this offer then click on the below link.