Buy Electric Scooter in Rs.10000 only, Limited Time Offer!

Hero Company Electric scooter are one of the most selling scooter in India

At today time, everyone wants to buy a electric scooter becasue of high prices of Petrol.

Everyone wants a vehicle which cost cheaper and Electric vehicles are very cheap to drive.

But in the changing era of Electric Vehicles, the prices of EVs are very high so not everyone will afford it.

But, Hero finds the solution of this problem. They launched the new offers in which you can buy a Electric Scooter in Just Rs. 10000.

You have to pay only Rs.10000 as down payment and you can take your new electric scooter to your home.

You can buy Hero Atria LX and Hero Flash LX in this offer.

If you want to buy the electric scooter then take advantage of this offer.