Bajaj Hydroge Bike: Set to Shake Up Two-Wheeler Industry!

Bajaj Auto, a big company that makes motorcycles and stuff, is doing something really cool.

They’re making a new bike that runs on a different kind of fuel called hydrogen.

This is a big deal because most bikes run on gasoline, which can be bad for the environment. But hydrogen is cleaner and better for the planet.

There’s this guy named Abraham Joseph who is now in charge of making sure the new hydrogen bike happens.

He’s really smart and has helped make other cool bikes before. He’s going to lead the team that’s figuring out how to make the hydrogen bike work.

Another important person is Ramtilak Ananthan. He’s in charge of making sure all the bikes from Bajaj Auto are made with the latest technology.

Now that Abraham is working on the hydrogen bike, Ramtilak is making sure all the other bikes keep getting better too.

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