500Km range electric scooter at just Rs.89,000

we all know that; electric vehicles are replacing normal gase engine vehicles.

so many new companies and startups are coming out and bringing their new electric vehicles but only some few companies’ electric vehicles are good.

And if we talk about electric scooter then there are so many electric scooter companies but only some few companies’ scooters are offering good features

today through this article I would like to tell you about an electric scooter Rivot NX-100 which has range of 500Km in one single charge

the price of this scooter is unbelievable.

If you want a scooter which has a high range and you don’t need to charge it again and again, then this scooter is for you because the range of this scooter is 500km in one single charge.

the battery backup of this scooter is very good.

The main things about this scooter are that its price, the price of this scooter is very budget friendly.

If you want to know more about this scooter then click on the link.