Suzuki Takes the Lead with EV Access 125: A Budget-Friendly Alternative to Activa 7G and Electric Models

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Development Collaboration

Suzuki is stepping into the electric scooter market with a brand-new model called the EV Access 125. The company worked with its engineers in Japan to develop this exciting new scooter. While Suzuki has been testing electric scooters like the e-Burgman, the e-Access will be the first one to hit the roads.

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EV Access 125 Design

The EV Access 125 will look a lot like Suzuki’s regular scooter but with a twist. It will have a special ‘blue’ paint to show off its eco-friendly side. This design will help it stand out from other scooters and highlight its commitment to being environmentally friendly.

EV Access 125 Specifications and Features

We don’t have all the details yet, but the EV Access 125 is expected to perform just like a regular 125cc scooter. This means you can expect it to be powerful and reliable. Suzuki wants to keep the price affordable, so they’re focusing on essential features and skipping the fancy extras.

Market Strategy and Competition

Suzuki is keeping a close watch on its competitors like Honda and Yamaha. They want to make sure they launch the EV Access 125 at the right time and with the right features to stay competitive. The exact launch date will depend on what Suzuki’s rivals are doing in the market.

EV Access 125: Key Specifications

ModelEV Access 125
DevelopmentCollaboration with Suzuki Japan
DesignBased on ICE counterpart, blue paint scheme
PerformanceComparable to 125cc scooter
FeaturesBasic, focused on affordability
CompetitorsHonda, Yamaha
Launch DateTo be announced

The EV Access 125 is an exciting new addition to Suzuki’s lineup, aiming to make electric scooters accessible and affordable for everyone. Keep an eye out for more updates as Suzuki gets ready to launch this promising new scooter.

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