Honda CB350 RS: बुलेट को कड़ी टक्कर देने आ रही है ये बाइक!

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Ever thought about making your bike cooler and more ready for adventures? Well, a famous garage called Dirt Freak has done just that with Honda’s CB350 RS. They’ve made it into a super cool custom scrambler that’s perfect for off-road fun!

Honda CB350 RS

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Custom Scrambler CB350 RS Specifications

Engine348.36cc single-cylinder air-cooled
Power21 PS
Torque29.4 Nm
Transmission5-speed gearbox
TiresChunky block pattern
ProtectionMetallic bash plates, knuckle guards
StylingScrambler-style handlebar, spikey footpegs
Touring UpgradesHandlebar risers, Explorer Windshield Brace
Convenience FeaturesDFG Side Bag Base

Getting Ready for Off-Road:

Making Your Bike Tough for the Trails

Dirt Freak has given the CB350 RS some special upgrades. They’ve put on chunky tires and strong alloy wheels, so now it’s all set for bumpy rides. Plus, they added metal plates to protect the engine and exhaust, so you don’t have to worry about rocks or branches hurting your bike.

Keeping You Safe:

Extra Gear to Keep You Safe and Stylish

They also added something called knuckle guards, which are like shields for your hands. And if you want to make your bike even cooler, you can choose from different styles of hand guards. It’s all about making your ride safe and stylish!

Looking Super Cool:

Making Your Bike Look Awesome

Now, the CB350 RS looks like a real scrambler with its special handlebar and spiky footpegs. It’s not just about looks though – these upgrades also make it easier to ride off-road and handle tough terrain.

Ready for Long Rides:

Making Your Adventures Comfortable

If you love long rides, Dirt Freak has you covered. They added something called handlebar risers to make your bike taller and more comfortable. And there’s even a special windshield with a spot for your phone, so you can navigate without any hassle.

Making Things Easier:

Adding Features for Convenience

Going on a trip? No problem! Dirt Freak made it easy to attach saddlebags to your bike without needing any extra frames. It’s all about making your adventures as smooth as possible.

Staying Powerful:

Keeping Your Bike Strong

Even though they made all these cool changes, Dirt Freak kept the engine the same. It’s still the powerful CB350 RS engine you know and love, so you can trust it to perform well on any ride.

Getting the Best Parts:

Using Reliable Components

And don’t worry – all the other important parts of your bike, like the suspension and brakes, are just as good as before. They’re the same high-quality parts used in the original Honda CB350 RS.

With Dirt Freak’s awesome upgrades, your Honda CB350 RS is now ready for anything. Whether you’re hitting the trails or going on a long journey, this custom scrambler has got you covered!

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