Hero Unveils Vida Sway Electric Trike Concept at Hero World 2024

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Hey there! Hero MotoCorp, the big bike company in India, just showed off something super cool at the Hero World 2024 event. It’s called the Hero Vida Sway Electric Trike Concept. Let’s break it down for you:


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1. What’s it Look Like?

So, the Vida Sway looks a lot like the regular Vida V1 electric scooter. It’s got a sleek design with a cool touch display and LED lights. But the big deal is that it has two wheels in the front instead of one.

2. Why Two Wheels in the Front?

Well, those two front wheels have something called independent suspension. What does that mean? It just makes the ride smoother and steadier, especially when you’re turning corners. And guess what? Both of those wheels have disc brakes to make sure you can stop safely.

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3. Extra Space in the Back:

Now, the back of the Vida Sway is special. Instead of a seat for a friend, there’s a cargo carrier. You can use it for carrying stuff or even take off the rear storage to make it look sportier.

4. How Far Can It Go?

We don’t know all the fancy technical details yet, but the Vida Sway is like its sibling, the Vida electric scooter. It can go about 110 km on a full charge. That’s enough for your everyday trips.

5. Batteries and Modes:

The scooter has two removable batteries, and you can choose from different riding modes like Eco, Ride, and Sport. There’s even a Custom mode with a bunch of options to make it just the way you like it.

6. What is the launching date?

Hero hasn’t told us when we can buy the Vida Sway yet. But here’s the exciting part – it might not be too expensive, thanks to Hero’s skills in making things affordable.

Hero might also make versions of this trike with regular engines, not just electric ones. These might be even cheaper for people who don’t want an electric scooter.


So, the Hero Vida Sway Electric Trike Concept is like a sneak peek into the future of cool rides. Hero is trying new things, and we might get to see this trike on the roads soon. Keep an eye out for more updates!

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