Get a Discount of 4 Lakhs on the purchase of Hyundai Kona EV!

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Hyundai is giving big discounts on their electric car, the Kona EV, to encourage more people to buy it. This is happening because not many people have been buying the Kona lately. Also, the government is going to stop giving subsidies to companies like Hyundai after March 31st.

Big Discount on Hyundai Kona EV

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Discount Offer:

Hyundai is giving discounts of up to 4 lakhs on the Kona EV, which is a lot of money saved. They’re doing this to sell more cars and get rid of the ones they already have.

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Limited Time Offer:

You need to hurry if you want to buy a Kona EV with a discount because the offer ends on March 31st. After that, you won’t get the discount anymore.

Kona EV Specifications:

The Kona EV can go a long way without needing to be charged, up to 490 kilometers on a full charge. It has cool features like a big screen in the dashboard and helps keep you safe while driving.

Design and Interior:

The Kona EV looks stylish on the outside and has a modern dashboard inside. It feels nice to be in and has fancy lights too.

Safety Features:

The Kona EV has lots of safety features to help you stay safe while driving. It can warn you if you’re going to hit something and even help you stay in your lane.

Demand Soars Overseas:

Hero MotoCorp, a big company that makes motorcycles, sold a lot of bikes outside India in February 2024. They did really well and sold more bikes than before.

Maruti Suzuki Leads Domestic Sales:

Maruti Suzuki sold the most cars in India in February 2024. They did better than other car companies like Tata Motors and Hyundai.


Hyundai’s offering big discounts on the Kona EV, Hero MotoCorp’s doing well selling bikes abroad, and Maruti Suzuki’s leading car sales in India. It’s a good time to buy a Kona EV if you want one, but you have to act fast before the discounts end.

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